Grade 6


My Humble Home

Home is special because I have memories,
safe because I have my family,
and comfy because there is a fireplace to warmth me.

I love my home because it is where I have all my memories.
My favorite memory is when we first saw the house
and I had no doubts,
my family is nice and my favorite part of the day is when they kiss me goodnight and they turn off the lights
my family is there to greet me
I love when I hear my sisters feet as she runs,
my sister hugs me light
It keeps me safe when I sleep at night
when I hold my soft stuffy super tight.

I love my humble home it is my favorite place to go
I love my room but I have to share it with my sister too,
I love the kitchen because there is food
and I love my family because they love me too.

I am lucky to have a home
because some people don’t
so help us now to give them a house
a habitat for humanity
so they can do all the things we can do
please help us please do
so you can show them that we care too
because we want people to be happy like you, you, and you.