Grade 5

British Columbia

My house in a part of my heart

I would like to say that home is like heaven to me because home is a place where millions of memories are stored. I have lived in many houses in my life. But making that house feel home is important, it brings in happiness and togetherness in the family.
A very special part in my room is a beautiful picture frame of my family, so when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is I see the frame. When it snows or rains, me and my brother play guitar or drums together. I love to bake with my mom in my spare time or play chess with my dad. We all spend time together in this warm and comfortable environment. My family and I enjoy watching movies or playing games together. Dinner is one time we all sit together and talk about our day, crack jokes and spend family time together.

Covid-19 made me more attached to my house as it made me feel fortunate for such a safe environment. During this time I harvested the vegetables in my backyard, I can not explain how happy I was when I harvested the mini tomatoes and cucumbers my mom and my dad planted. I also learned to plant vegetables and flowers.

My house is a whole body and my family is the heart. A house is not a living thing but if it was, I would like to say, “thank you for protecting us, you have played an important part in my life”. When any living thing gives birth the first thing the animal or human does is take the baby home as it is a sanction of protection and care.

The end