Grade 6

British Columbia

My house could be an animal

If my house was a bird it would be an eagle,

A bigger house like the eagle is to other birds,

In shades of white and hazel,

Like the feathers of an eagle.

If my house was a mammal it would be an elephant,

Bigger than most animals but not the tallest

A condo is a giraffe, and cabin a lion,

Similar to elephants,

My house is strong and grey,

And has protective devices like the tusks of an elephant.

My house is no reason for me to be arrogant,

But if it were a furry creature it would be a rabbit,

It is nice and friendly to humans,

With a nice garden full of carrots,

Like a rabbits fur it is nicely luxurious,

Like the rabbits, the people inside are often seen roaming in groups of four.

If my house were a reptile it would be Komodo,

It is strong and almost indestructible,

But big and not that subtle,

It blends in with nature,

Although it isn’t a carnivore,

It is my home and the place I adore.