Grade 6

New Brunswick

My house and home

My house and home.
my house is not much . Just a shelter from the rain and cold . With a door , windows and such But to me it’s lots . To me it’s a home . A place where family , friends and pets Rome . Where they’re all happy .

A home is known differently in many country’s and languages . But it still has the same meaning . And feeling. It can be filled with laughter , comfort , it can make you feel safe . You can accomplish almost anything with friends , family and with some support from the community.

And when one family goes . Another one comes . It may be sad leaving your home. With all the memories you have experienced . But when you leave it gives another family to have those experiences . For them to make friends . To feel safe . To have comfort . But you can experience those to at your new home .

When you have help from your family and friends. You can accomplish many things. A home can be whatever you want it to be. You would be surprised at how far they will go for you . They will even build you a house . And they will help out with the bill . but you still have to pay a small part.