Grade 4


My House

My House

My home is a good place to be. I live with my mom, my dad, my sister Kaitlyn and my two kittens. My house has a lot of great stuff.

There is love in my home. My home is clean. Mom watches TV with me. My mom spends time with me. She asks me about my day. My mom gives me hugs and she bakes with me.

My home has pets. I have new kittens. Their names are Riley and Roxy. We brought them home from the pet store. They sleep in beds in the living room. They like playing around the house. They make me feel loved.

All my special toys are in my home. I like to play Roblox x box. I like listening to music on my mom’s phone. I like hanging out in the living room. Me and my mom watch tv together. We usually watch treehouse. I have my own room and my own bed where sleep with my teddies.

My home is my favourite place in the world I feel safe and loved in my home. I can relax and do all the things I want to that makes me happy.