Grade 5

High Prairie

My House

I am grateful for my house because it is a safe place to sleep, I have lots of land, and I have a big house.

firstly I love my cozy place to sleep. It is so nice and warm during cold nights. It is safe from the danger that can be outside. Everyone deserves a cozy place to sleep.

Secondly, I live on an acreage. I have thirty-eight point eight acres. Lots of bush and field. I love going for walks with my family. My brother and I drive dirt bikes together. We also skate on the dugout together.

The last reason I love my house is that it is a place to play games with my family. We have our own rooms to play in. We also have a great big kitchen. Everyone deserves a great home for their families.

That is why I am thankful for my loving house. My house is where I feel the safest. Everyone deserves a loving house.