Grade 5


My house

Home means a lot of things to people. To me, home makes me think of a few different things. Home is where my favorite things are. Home is also where I feel good and safe, and home is where my family is. These things are what makes my house special to me.

While I am at home, I have a lot of my favorite things. My three dogs live at home with us. I enjoy playing with them, especially the smaller one. It is the cute one. Also, I have two cats that I like, Buncho and Lilly.

My grandma, uncle, sisters, brother and mom and dad live with me at home. My favorite person to spend time with is my grandma. We go shopping and to the mall. I like living in El Salvador more because it is hot, but I also like Canada too. They are both my home and I like them. I play outside with my cousins and we build a fort together.