Grade 6


My home,Your home,OUR home

Home is different for everyone. It could be shelter from a snowy winter day. Happiness in every kind of way. Not only a place to live, but a place to make memories and laugh at them later. A place to make mistakes and learn from them too. A home is hard to get or find, yet we forget about that divine. I don’t want to call us greedy, but come on really?

There are those who don’t get a roof over their head, nor a soft cozy bed. They weep, they cry and don’t find purpose in life. All they can do is ask for help, or things for their family. These people don’t deserve such a life. They are innocent and usually good hearted. So, let’s give property, no more poverty!

But what home means to me? Well let’s see……. In rain, snow, sleet, hail or any weather, I’ll be safe in my home. Warm, but not alone either. Having my family with me, every step of the way. Every single day. But, the thought of those that don’t have all this, collide, making me feel sad inside.

Overall, Habitat Humanity, thanks for doing the gift of charity. I say a home is a right, not a privilege. It’s time to start to care to share!