Grade 6


My Homes

My first home that I lived in was amazing and very beautiful. It was filled with joy, happiness, laughter, safety and comfort. The two most special things it brought to my family, were memories and love. Whenever I knew that my Mom, Dad, Brother, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Babas and Zaidas were at my home, I knew that I was safe and that someone loved me. We had a pool and apple trees that we ate from. My Dad would always pick my brother and I up to pick the apples off the trees. I still remember all of the other memories that that home brought into my family.
Until…………… We got a new home!
It made more happy memories. We have been in this home for almost three years. In our backyard we have a beautiful pond that I love to go in the paddle boat on. My brother and I go to B.B. Camp so we love the pond because we love nature and being outside. We also just redid our backyard. We got a new deck and even a hot tub! My whole family also loves to be outside. It makes us very happy. It also creates peace and joy in our family. I really love the home that I live in right now very much!

Even though I don’t own the home that I lived in before, I can go there anytime I want to! That is because the person who bought the house from us is my Aunt. I can go back there and remember all of the memories that I did not remember from before. I hope someone will have a great story like this one.