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British Columbia


Home is not just walls and a roof that protects you from harsh weather, it is a place that you are safe and loved. You make memories and laugh and have spectacular meals. I have two homes my moms and my dad’s, they are different. At my dad’s we live in the country, where the air is fresh and clean. I have a cat named popcorn, dirt bikes, a pool, and trampoline, I also have a very weird younger brother. Me and my mom have moved around a lot, since we moved to Courtany. The house we are in now we have lived in for around 3 years. It is a big house that is across from a grassy field. I have a cat Sam, a dog Luna, a pool, and garden that has lots of colorful flowers and tones more of things. When I turn the key to open the door the warmth of the house hugs me, I feel safe. I love both of my family’s and houses a lot, I am lucky to have caring people in my life and an amazing home. There are sometimes arguments, but they always get solved. Right now, there are around 1.6 million homeless people in the world, and I cannot imagine how it is. Every time I pass someone who is homeless, I feel bad and realize that there are a lot more people like that. I am so lucky to live in a house and a perfect place. ​