Grade 4


My Home’s Feelings

I open the door of feelings for my feelings to be revealed
But when I close the door then they’ll be finally sealed.
My amazing, special home deserves some beating love
Then later on, it will be like dreamy angels are flying above.
Usually,I play with my wonderful BFF
And later in the day, I cook with Mommy chef!

My #1 favourite part I love the most is my special family
8 loving members will always love me happily.
I always get wonderful hugs and kisses from my loving members
For the rest of my future, I will always remember.
All the special people on Earth deserves a special home
So then those people will fill their houses with memories and much more!

We all go to different kinds of schools to learn lots
And when we grow up, we’ll soon begin to build billions of bots!
After the tiring day, we soon get back home and read some good books
But sooner or later, my sweet mom is telling me to slowly cook!
I will always enjoy the sweetness of the delicious cakes
That my awesome, special parents have baked!

The Meaning of Home is something special to everyone!