Grade 6

British Columbia

My Homely House

My home is nice
It protects me from snow and ice
Wind and fire
And no, I’m not a liar when I say fire.

Anything’s a home
It could be a dome
A cone
Heck, it could even be a giant phone!

As long as it’s comfortable for you!
A couch, a TV, and a place to what rhymes with with glue
A cat
A dog
Some like to live next to a bog!

Even though some live on the street
I hope they would get a home soon
Because that would be neat!
And not be getting ends meat…

I’m lucky to have a home
It’s kind of a tradition for us people
Ever since they were made out of stone
Now, wood is all the rage
Because it’s no longer the stone age!
Home is different than a house
A Home is where you live with your spouse
A house is where the home begins