Grade 6


My home

My home
I love my home no matter what. Big or small, tall or short, my home is my home. It has special things, it’s bursting at the seams with love and joy, and I get to learn and grow in its walls. I love my home and I want to tell you why .
First, my home has some special things that make it unique. For example I have a ring from my Great Great Grandmother who has passed away. My family also has shelf in our basement with some of our most special belongings. At home we have this tradition, my dad reads my family “The Night Before Christmas” on the night before Christmas.
Next, my home is filled with love and joy, mainly because of the people within it. My younger sister makes it lovely because, maybe I don’t always see it, but she looks up to me. My mom takes care of the house. Without her our house would fall apart. Lastly, my dad is the man of the house but is a big jokester. He can always cheer me up.
Finally, I think learning and growing is the most important part. When our snow blower was stolen we learned not to leave stuff outside. Or when and I would fight, we learn a lesson. We can grow by our parents showing us how to cook, like I have learned how to make grilled cheese.
Home can be anything you want it to be. I’m with the people that mean the most to me. My home holds so many memories, good and bad. When I walk through the door and see my family, that’s the best part of my day. Never underestimate the power of family.