Grade 6


My home, your home

My home is a cozy little place where you can go and have fun.
My home is not super luxurious and not even not luxurious, it’s just right.
It has a kitchen, a living room, it’s a two bedroom and it has a bathroom.
It’s all I need and it’s all I’ll ever need. Its safe and decent enuf and when it rains and thunders my family will help me with not being afraid by laughing about it and playing a board game together and watching a movie all together. This is what you call a house/home build of love. The wifi in my phone is like the love that bonds this house, it’s like the wifi in my computer when you see the faces of the ones that love you, you could say that love bonds you more than anything, some say that the wifi in my home is like the overjoyed faces of people when they see that they have a place to call home, flowing through everyone like the clean water that flows through my tap when i want some water to drink. If this is my home, then it should be yours. But if we don’t act fast….then not enough people will have this kind of love, and as more people call out for help the more people get blocked, “help help help help help help help help please someone help us”! This is the voices of the forgotten, the blocked and lost. Being drowned out and not being listened to. If we don’t act fast, more of this will happen and as I write this, some place in the world will be blocked out and someone else in the world will be over overwhelmed by joy as they see their new place to call home as they totally forget about us, the homeless. But with this program, we can fix this problem so it won’t sound like this “ help help help help please someone help us” It will sound like this! “help help help help help help help please someone help us”! Thank you from all of the people who are helping us and thanks from the homeless people for helping and taking action! Because, it’s my home, your home.