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ns middle sackvill
Nova Scotia

my home with family

Home ,

Home is the only place I don’t have to hide
Where I can be myself in my own world.
And a place that me and my family can share .
In the same house same home and the family together, and no one in this world can take
that from me and my caring, amazing ,and
loving ,family.Home is a place that i can eat,
have water to drink ,and a warm shelter.
And a home will always keep me save.
So every night I will say my prayers and
know that God will listen by them .He will
always keep me safe,and if I have a nice
Home I will have a better life and have
A better education to have a happy life
that you can remember when God takes
You up from the grave, to become an angel.
So just remember those steps to make something,
So small and make is so big, into a life that
you will remember and your kids and grand kids,
and your hole family as long as they remember you they will remember your story as a good life.
But as long as you are alive god will always stick by your side doesn’t matter who you are ,how old you are, he will always be ,with you.And a home will give you hope peace and an opportunity where you can be yourself. Home can bring a lot of peace if you just believe it .Never let yourself down ,when you have a nice home that you and your family can share together ,as one big big ,big family that is amazing, and loving, caring and so much more. It will be an amazing ,life that i think you will love.