Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home will glow

You may ask me so,
How I make my home glow,
I would tell you that,
In this hat,
I have my heart full of love,
In it goes like a glove.
I wear this hat,
As the roots of my family tree,
Dig deep in the ground on the count of three,
My home will glow,
Very bright,
All alone at night,
It will keep us warm,
My home will glow.
My neighbors creep,
Up to where they meet,
To discuss what a wonder,
My glowing home was.
My sister whispers,
Warn her,
She says it as she points,
Over to the corner,
I see a very small spot,
No bigger than a tot,
Where no light shone,
My home will glow,
I picked up my hat,
But inside I saw my cat,
No longer black but gold,
It must have rolled,
In the golden glow,
So I placed the cat from my hat,
On the floor beside the door
It started to roll,
And was no longer gold but black as cole,
My home will glow.