Grade 4


My Home – Where Dreams Come True

My little sister likes to ask “What would your dream house be?
Would it be a mansion, or a palace by the sea?
Would it have a throne or a ballroom?
Would it have a fancy marble bathroom?”
Then one day she asked this question of me,
I was flustered for I had not a clue what it would be,
My mind was racing, how could I decide?
Then suddenly it dawned upon me, it’s the home that I’m inside!
For it may not be the Taj Mahal but there is so much love between these walls,
My home is where I lie in bed and read on stormy summer nights,
It’s where I try new recipes for cheesecake and other sweet delights,
It’s where I garden in the soil,
Where I make balls for the cat from aluminum foil,
It’s where I play and do school too,
My home is where my dreams come true!