Grade 4

Portugal Cove - St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home vs A House

My Home vs A House

My Home

In my home there is my family the ones that I love. Sometimes there are some fights and all that but that’s what makes it home. There are hugs and kisses all the time but that’s what makes everyone feel like they’re being loved. When a person is away we like to call theme on the phone so they can be loved too. It can be loud or quiet but that’s what makes it home. We love each other deep down.

A House

A house is a building with a bunch of rooms. With nails and wood and no family with no love and hugs and kisses. It’s a cold dark and scary place. I don’t feel it but other kids do because they might be by themselves. But they could be in a house and the same for some adults. It’s like the forest at night. But then a family moves in and makes it a home. Now there is love and it’s bright warm and not scary at all. Now it’s what another family calls home and it’s not just a building it’s a home to them not to me not to us to them. Now they’re safe there is now love in the house and hugs and kisses.

The End