Grade 5


my home to me

My home is Special To me because when I am in it, I feel calm. My family lives in my home and at home I have pet fish .And my home is a shelter to me. My home is fun Because Everybody’s happy And i am happy because i have a trampoline And a pool My home is shelter because I have a roof over my head. my family is Kind and nice to me. I feel safe in my home because There are locks on my doors.i love my family And I know they love me Back . My home is fun because There are games and lots of things to do. In my home I have lots of board games I can play with my family . My home is peaceful Because I don’t get bothered by anything. My home is where I spend most of my time .I love spending time with my family In my home I watch TV shows With them and We play board games . that is why i feel Happy, calm, And peaceful.
That’s what home is to me .