Grade 6


My Home to Me Is

My home to me is,
Where I’ll have fun and where I’ll play
And it’s a safe place to stay
That’s what my home is to me,

I find it so unfair
That some people really don’t care
About our own race
And don’t care to give them a place
To call home…

There is this little person in my family
That drives me a bit crazy,
But I’ll love him forever,
In my cozy home…

If you ask me I’ll say,
Everyone needs a shelter,
For the cold weather,
To me we all need a beautiful home…

My home is where I’m not afraid
And when there’s a storm,
My family keeps me warm,
A home is where you feel comfort and safety, hopefully…

For others, it doesn’t matter if you live in the streets
They won’t help you anyway,
They’re greedy and think about themselves,
But I’ll definitely try to change them!
So other people can have homes…

To me, a home is where my friends and I gather
Together around a nice fire,
To keep warm, to feel comfort,
That’s the feeling of home,

So please share,
I’m not asking to make them a billionaire,
Just a bit of help,
Or a little place,
For them to call home…

My home is mine
And only mine,
It’s where my family gives me good memories,
Where I feel safe and where I’ll never want to leave,

Why can’t most people see,
People are outside without a home,
With nowhere to be,
Nowhere to call their own…

My home is safe and is where I feel comfort,
There is no other place that I could call my own,
Other than my home,
And it is my own
And it will be my home, forever