Grade 4


My Home to Me

My home is a fun place, we have a sign that says so. It is in not many homes that you find 3 dogs and 3 girls. Every time I set foot in my home I feel safe and well known.
As most people know a home is not just a roof and four walls, on the inside of a home are many things like memories and smiling faces! Every room inside is filled with things that make me happy! I wish I could help every single person without a home, but unfortunately I can’t. I can’t help 1.7 million people find a home. One day I will change the world I do not know how but I know that I will. Those of us with homes will one day help me with my plans to change the world. My home is a place where I feel loved, happy, supported and surrounded with love and I want everyone to have the same experience as I have every day. When I wake up, when I go to bed I have my mom, dad and stepmom right by my side, and when I think about the people without a home, without parents, and without a loving family it made me feel so bad, and so sad that while I am in my home having fun and enjoying my life, others aren’t. My home is not just what’s on the inside of the four walls that make my home, my home expands beyond the end of my street, past my school, and out of Ottawa. Every year I go camping, that is a place I have lived, making it a home. My community is like one
BIG FAMILY to me. When I was little I wanted to be friends with everyone in my community, my city, and in the world, and if I could I would give everyone a home. It’s not only people that have homes, its animals too, bears have dens, birds have nests, ect. My home is a place where I feel safe, calm, happy, loved and cared for. My home means so much to me. Me and my family do so many fun things together in our home!! My community and friends make me happy just like my home does.