Grade 5


My Home to Me

What you are in, what you see all around, you see in the cities, the villages, the towns. A tall pointed roof, and the strong brick walls, walking inside, you fall in love with it all.
Step your foot into the lovely inside, a kind being greets you with love and with pride, walking around with rooms to explore, a loving, beautiful home.

A kitchen with food, a fun family dine, well cooked meals, that are yours and mine. A cleaned living room, with a beautiful T.V, plays all the shows that I like to see.

A room full of warmth, and also to sleep, the comfort reaches, a new higher peak. A day goes by, with love and fun, in my beautiful home.

But some people today do not have this love, the comfort or support, from anyone. They have thirst or hunger, feeling uncomfortable and upset, they haven’t had freedom, anytime yet.