Grade 5


My Home Sweet Home

There are 10 things that I love to do at home.

1. Universe Sandbox →A game that you can create thousands of objects all over the

2. Algodoo → A game you create great things, like towns and cities. I like to play this by myself because it helps me relax when I am feeling blue.

3. Roblox →This is my favourite game in the whole universe.

4. Minecraft → I love this game because it is my brothers favourite game and I love things that he loves because I love him.

5. Bowling with my family → I always get strikes! I am awesome! My brother loves to stand on the lane.

6. Swimming → I love splashing and doing cannonballs in the water. I always pretend the pool is an ocean and I splash like a whale!

7. Skating/Hockey with my dad → My dad is so awesome at skating. I go on roadtrips with my dad for my hockey games. I love to spend time with my dad. I want to be in the NHL.

8. Working out with Mom → Sometimes I work out with Mom. Mommy is so strong. Sometimes we don’t have time to go to the gym because we get too busy.

9. Trains → I love trains because they are so long and so super cool. You can fit a couple average people in the trains. My favourite train is Gordon, the blue train just like Edward and Thomas.

10. The Mighty Number 10 I love to do at home is building things. I like to build things with different objects at home. I want to have my own house one day that I build on my own, it may thousands of days.