Grade 6


My home sweet home

My home is safe to me, my parents will protect me. The house I live in is warm and cozy. My home is a place where I can be, when I’m at home I can relax and play.

When I’m in my room, I can watch my geckos play. Frankie and Olaf the two geckos, they love to run around. When I take them out to play, they run up to my shoulders and cuddle me instead. When they want to play, I put them on the floor, and both of them race to get to me.

After school when i get home, my little sister Shelby comes and hugs me.She likes to boss me around, and she always wants to play. We usually like to play school in our basement. I am always the teacher, because I am older. We get in lots of fights, but at the end, we have fun again.

My mom and dad have lots of work, but when they get home, they can let out all their stress and spend time with me and my sister.

When I am alone, I head to my basement, and surprisingly, talk to the bugs that break in, and none believes me, but it’s okay.

My home is my safe place, and I am not lonely during the pandemic anymore. That is my home sweet home. =)