Grade 4

Campbell River
British Columbia

My Home Poem

My Home Poem
I am writing this poem to say how much I love my home
My home is the start of my life
I love the sweetness of my mom’s love
I love the courage of my dad’s words
They help me understand
My house is sometimes LOUD, but my head is usually in the clouds, so I don’t mind
We are a family of six, now that is quite the mix
My house has lots of toys and things to do
My little puppy is as soft as a stuffy with a cute stare
My little baby sister has nice blue eyes and soft hair with grabby hands
My brother and sister are so fun and so nice
My sister’s hedgehog is so spiky with warnings
This is my house, and it will be mine forever
I am writing this poem for people that don’t have a home to say…
Where ever and who ever you are, you deserve a home too