Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is where I can say what I am feeling any time at all
Home is where pictures of special memories hang upon the wall
Home is warm and cozy, where I snuggle in my bed
Where many dreams are dreamt, and many books are read

When the temperature gets below freezing, and the sunshine turns to snow
Our skates sit by the door, and hockey sticks ready to go!
Home is where our backyard is turned into a rink
Where we play for the Stanley Cup and have hot chocolate to drink
Our welcome mat will greet you on your way in or out
It says, “A Hockey Family Lives Here” and it’s our family it is talking about

Home is where I feel loved just for being me
Home is my absolute favorite place to be
No matter where I go, or however far I roam
Home is where I want to be; I can’t wait to come back home