Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home Poem

My house is yours it’s Welcoming loving and fits, there’s always homemade meals made with tender love and care.`

From when I open the door laughter Springs, the sound Of excitement,
happiness, and joy it brings.

With my rats snuggling with me tight and my cat cuddling with me at night, I’m cozy at home and never alone, cause everything just feels right.

I can’t wait to come home when I’m out and about. It’s my favourite place without a doubt.

Whenever I’m down my home picks me up it has a really big heart and always fills my cup.

My home to me means family and love kindness and compassion and all of the above.

I don’t know why … my home just feels right, brighter than the stars that you see at night.

My home is there for me no matter what it has seen me in a pickle and has seen me in a rut.

It’s been there for my greatest achievements and goals.

It was there for me in the beginning and saw me as a bud it has watched me blossom and grow, it has loved me and supported me throw my ruff moments and mistakes,

It’s helped me become who I am, strong, healthy, bright and bold.
I love my home for the character it is the moment’s mistakes and memories it

I’ll be there my house and it will be there for me!

That’s why my home is important and perfect for me.

By: Anya Filler