Grade 4


My Home Poem

My home is cozy like the biggest blanket ever.

My home protects me and my family when danger is near.

My home is sweet like my family.

My house holds all of our family memories!

When my mom bakes the house smells sweet like candy!

My family and I know we can trust our home to keep us safe and cherish our memories forever.

I love my home when it’s LOUD or quiet.

My home is my home whether I’m there or not.

When I’m hurt, I know my home will be there for me.

My home is the safest place in the world to me.

I know if I need something, my home will have it.

I love my home because I know it’s there for me whether I need it or not.

I know I can run to it if I’m happy or sad or someone needs help, I know my home will be there for me.

I love my home because it’s my home!