Muhammad Ayaan

Grade 6


My Home, My World

Rainy wash, snowy quilt or sunshine bath,
My home is a place where I’ve grown
Kitchen, rooms, living and backyard,
A place where I played with my drone

Smiley faces and friendly looks around,
In my home, I always get loved
Lots of pleasure, glory and success,
Apart from that, here I am not judged

Growing lilies and Christmas tree in the front yard,
My home also has a tree house in the backyard
Being proud and blessed in my own home,
I’m thankful as I’ve seen people with just a scrapyard

Decoration, paints and unboxing bags,
I recall the time when I took a fresh start
Childish cheers, joy, rock of all stars,
Moving in my house and eating pop tarts

Lucky I am, and thankful too,
As I have an awesome Dad and an exceptional Mom
We dwell together, we eat together,
As a happy home is akin to throne

Thanks organizers and all sponsors for care you show,
I urge everyone to write more to achieve their milestone
It’s all about a dream they paint, a wish they have,
Now, homeless won’t sleep on roads and eat alone

Though covid-19 brought sorrows on globe,
Stay at home with no reason to roam
Combat every fear and keep social distancing,
Never let pandemic come back to your home