Grade 6


My Home, My Sweet Home

A home is where you feel welcome,
Were you feel loved,
Where you feel appreciated,
It’s a place where you are safe,
It’s a place where fear doesn’t exist,
Homes are gifts.

It’s a place that when I’m sad,
My family makes me glad,
I’m so lucky to sleep under a roof,
When my parents come say good night,
And closes the light,
It’s a place where it feels right.

A home is where you have memories,
Where you have history and stories,
Its were families are,
And gather all together,

It’s a place where you can be yourself,
And even play with your pets,
Small big a home is always special,
A home is beautiful.

It’s a place where everybody is careful,
To not be hurtful,
Because a family sticks together,
During the worst and the best.