Mitsi (Mitsidzo)

Grade 4

Slave Lake

My Home My Peace


. My home is I gives me peace. My home is a place where love is.

I love my home there’s always a place for me to feel really, warm from the winter temperatures of living in the north. During winter I know if I am going home from school, there is welcoming warmth in our house. Home is a good place to stay warm.

My home is beautiful and precious. I have my own bedroom and my brothers and my parents too. This makes it good because I can do whatever I want in my own room. Having a room to put my barbies, my jewelry, and my make-up is special to me. My home is beautiful and when my friends come during my birthday, I show them around and play in our basement. My home gives me peace.

A home is always good with a happy family. My home is good because we are a happy family. My mom and dad are fun sometimes, serious at times, encouraging me and my brothers to read, do our homework and play nicely. I love my home.

My home is a safe place to be. I have loving parents, who teach me how to clean, how to prepare my snack, and how to care for my little brother and appreciate my big brother. My home is the safest place I can think of. I love my home. We have a big kitchen and living room with a big TV. My mom loves baking, so I am learning from her. My dad loves cooking spice food and I help him in the kitchen. I love my home.

I have a big backyard and so much a big basement too. In the backyard, we have a garden in summer and my dad loves gardening. This summer he is going to put many vegetables in the garden. I love to play in my backyard when it’s summer.

Home is the best place I could ever be. It’s warm and safe. I and my brothers play and grow in our safe home. We love taking pictures and save our memories forever.

My home is beautiful. I want my grandmother to visit me from Zimbabwe and stay in my home. I am happy in my home.