Grade 6


My Home, My Paradise

To me home is a bond which unite loved ones together and provide a place to share their emotions to each other

My home is a place where i learn my values my ethics and my culture. In home i wear our native dresses and enjoy the taste of our food which is made my my mom . We enjoy trying different food recipes and praise each other efforts . Home is a place which provide us room to practice our cultural rituals and our special holidays as a family

Home is a place where i feel safe and secure. There is no place in the world as a home . It is a place where you relish the peace of mind and feel comfortable .It is a place we play and quarrel.Home is where we cherish the beautiful memories of love and affection.

To me home is not a collection of walls and roofs ,it is a tree which has the stem and branches,And its roots are deep down the earth.The tree is the parents , there are the branches in the form of brothers and sisters and the roots are the bond of affection that would never let you apart.

Home is a place where you matter and you are loved .It is not about being blood related ,it is about the love and affection that you owe in the home .Wherever you go, wherever you live ,a home where you was born and brought up will never be vanished from your mind and memories.The beautiful moments of childhood with the pure love of mom and dad and mischievous siblings never let you go anywhere.