Grade 6

Christopher Lake

My Home My Comfort

My home is a place where I can live, grow up, and stay warm.
My family makes memories, plays games and laughs.

All of our homes are filled and will be filled with love,
Respect, cheerful, happy people that once lived there or
Live there now, and and make moments that we will want to
Forget or remember.

We’re all writing these paragraphs and poems for people who
Don’t have homes and to help the charity to build some more
Houses and to keep happy lives going. Cold or warm areas, no
Matter what. It will affect people’s lives staying outside and it will
affect their health Physically,Mentally and emotionally.

So in our homes, peace and love flows with us and with the passing
Of our loved ones.

Home is where you go school, work, or wherever you are,
It’s a gift and for people that are homeless that are getting
A chance to stay somewhere warm or cool is a gift for them too.
It’s a joy for them to just go somewhere to stay with their family.