Grade 6


My Home, My Blessing

To me home is more than just a place you come to after a day at
school or work. Home is where memories happen with family or with
people who feel like family. It’s where you laugh and play. It’s the
place that you are happy to come back to after a trip. God has blessed
me with a home and a loving family.
There is a big difference between a house and a home. A house
is just a building waiting to become a kind, supportive, blessed, and
friendly home. A home is when you’re together and have a safe place
to be. It’s very sad that some people don’t have a home to share with
their families or the people they love. But I’m sure God has a plan for
them whether they get homes or not. God loves you and he will help
you with any of your problems. To me home is a very special place.
It’s where my family and I grow and learn together, and I want that for
others as well.