Grade 4


My Home Means a Lot To Me

My home is where I feel safe and warm/cossy. My home is where my bed lays down, with my bright white sheet that makes it Pop. My soft, cozy and fuzzy blanket keeps me warm at night. My home holds me, my dad, my mom, my sister, my 2 fish and my 2 cats. It keeps me, my family and my pets safe. My home is where I do my home work and close my door to keep it quiet. I love to draw pictures and hang them o my soft peech coloured wals to snaz up my room with so meany bright colours. My kitchen is in my home and the fridge is a quick place to go when my tummy rumbles or I need something good to eat. In my home I have LOTS things to do and to play with. I am so lucky to have the home that I have. My home can do lots of things that other homes can’t. And those are some of the reasons why I love my home.