Grade 4


My Home Meaning

The Meaning Of Home (Rhyming Poem)

My home is warm,
And I feel myself there.
Nobody to judge me, hear me, or care.
I love myself and that is that,
With singing, being silly, or putting on a hat.
I wouldn’t do things in public I do at home,
I wouldn’t even dare!
If I did a lot of people would stare.
I don’t like stares,

I just like being me.
I’m making this so you all can see,
That our homes are carefree.
And some takes it for granted,
And I find that our homes are easy to see that it’s enchanted.

I love our home and I love this contest,
That I am very impressed.
For people who are struggling and have hope,
Who are hanging on to a thin rope.
We all are making these poems and paragraphs,
So that all can play and have laughs.

We enjoy helping others,
And we reach out to struggling fathers and mothers.
I hope you find this poem helpful,
So that everybody can be successful.
And I wish everybody gets what they need,
I don’t wish they or us have greed.

But this paragraph/poem
Is something I dream of someone saying is wholesome.
But that’s not important,
I want everyone to find a home.