Grade 6


My Home is Special

What does home mean to me?

Home is somewhere I can show all of my emotions,

Laugh, cry, smile, frown and etc.

Home is where I can relax and be myself without having anybody telling me what or what not to

When I am at home, I feel safe, comfortable and warm.

There may be thunderstorms or rainy days where It just isn’t safe to go outside, but I am
thankful that my home is keeping me sheltered among all of it.

My home is where my dog is barking and running around everywhere, excited to have me here.

My home is a place where I can run up and down the stairs, moving freely around because
nobody is holding me back from having that freedom.

At home, we share lots of memories from when we had our best moments. Sometimes we can
have fights, but we live in the same home so we cannot walk away from each other

That’s what makes home so special, everyone is happy and everyone can get along.

Sometimes when people grow older, they might move out of the house to get their own but that
does not mean that you are apart from your family
Your family is in your heart, and so is your home. That will be why you will never forget them.

When I look around my house, I see furniture, picture frames, rooms, and windows,
everything that is inside belongs here and is special to my family.

My home can hold a lot of people inside and keeps everyone safe when they come over, never
breaking down and crumbling

Some people might be unfortunate and not have a home, which makes me sad because
everybody deserves a home to be sheltered and stay warm.

This is what home means to me.