Grade 4


My Home is Special

To me home means a warm bed and a family that loves me.
Some stuffys to cuddle every night and a cat that will sit on your lap and instantly make you feel better.
Books to read on the shelf and photos of my old friends on the wall.
Friends in nearby houses and a wonderful school to go to.
Heaters in nearly every room to keep us warm.

My house always makes me feel better.
When I am home I don’t feel lonely anymore because I have friends and family all around me.
A roof over our heads to protect us from the storm.
My home gives us a safe place to live.
My home is one of the couple things that makes me happy .
I care about my home and will help others get one as well.
They deserve it. They all do.
Everyone deserves a house like this.
That is why I am writing this now, to make sure all have a good home with someone to care for them. To keep them safe.