Grade 5


My Home is My Only Freedom

I asked my parents one day, “ Are we ever gonna find a place to call home?”
They say, “ This is our home, Reagan.”
“ Who would call a place with no walls, roof or floor a house? This is not our house!” I say. “ A house is a place with walls and safety from the cold, Mother, that’s what a house is.”
Instead of agreeing with me, they say something the third time I’ve heard them say it.
“ A home is a place where you feel sa….”
I interrupt them. “ I’ll show you what a house is!”

The next day we go to town to look at good houses for me to see. The first one we check out is a really tall one that’s really hot and scratchy inside. We go to the next one but this one is too short and cold inside. We went to another after which was too roomy. The next weren’t the right feeling either,
“ Are we ever gonna find a good house with warmth and safety?” I ask while going through a small rough cabin. They didn’t answer, instead they took me to our so called “house;” our field.
“ This is our home, a place where you feel comfortable and safe.” says mom hugging me with her long black hair wrapping around mine.
I still don’t believe them and say, “ A home is a place where there are walls , a roof and a floor, I’ll prove it to you!”
“ It’s getting late,” they say.
Now laying on the mossy ground thinking of what I have to prove to them and also thinking about what they said, ‘ A home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe.’

The next day I decided to build us a house. I walk through the tall grass hoping the trees wouldn’t be too far in ahead of me. When will the shade come? I stare out into the horizon and I can see a whole forest! It’s more than enough to build a house!
When I finally reach the trees I start gathering branches sticks, but then I wonder how I’m gonna take it back?
I stop gathering and start walking down our sunny field, and think of what mother said
‘ A home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe.’
And I do feel happy , comfortable and safe in my field. This is my home, wait no! Our home.