Grade 6


My Home is My Home

My Home is My Home
By Landon Brink, Grade 6, Age 11

My home is somewhere I sit everyday
My home is a place where I can play
Somewhere safe where I can stay

When I’m at home I am not a stray
My home is strong like a man, not a mouse
My home if you look closely is not a house

My home is not a dome, and don’t even think its made of styrofoam
My home is big not round, part of it is even underground
A house is cold, but my home in my view is made of gold

A house is sad
A house is lonely
But a house is not bad

Some people don’t have a home
Some place they can call their own
Some people sit on the road, waiting til they freeze their bones

This is why a write this poem
We should show some love
We will be blessed from above