Syed Huzayfa

Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home Is My Heaven On Earth

My home is my heaven on earth,
The place where I have lived since my birth.
My warm, safe and happy place,
I wish there is no homelessness for anyone to face.

Tired and hungry when I come back home,
My family tells me how much they missed me at home.
Beautiful memories, laughter and love,
My home is full of all the above.

In the winter, when it’s cold outside
I think about those who are on the roadside,
Sometimes cold, sometimes hot, and sometimes without a meal,
All human beings need a loving home to heal.

Habitat for Humanity is doing its’ best,
To make sure that everyone has a place to rest.
A comfortable and safe place to call home,
I hope my poem can assist others in building a home.
So everyone can have their heaven on earth which they can call their home!