Grade 6


My Home is my Heart

My Home is my Heart
Home to me is a place I feel safe.
Home is a place where I can be me.
Home is a place that keeps me warm.
Home is a place where I am with a loving family.

My home is not just a roof and four walls.
My home is made of love.
The walls are the lungs, the roof is the brain.
The most important part are the hearts of the people in it.
When no one is there the heart dies.
My home is a place where I have my own space.
Not having a home is like being lost.

My home is a part of my heart.
If I had no home my heart would be empty.
I am ever so grateful for my home.
Not having it would make me lost.

Everyone deserves a home like mine.
A space to call their own.
A place to make memories.
A place to make you feel safe.
A place to shelter you from the storm.
A place to keep you warm.

Everyone deserves a home!