Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home Is My Happy Place

My home is my happy place

My home is my happy place, there is happiness and laugher. But there are people out there that do not have that. It is an incredibly sad story, and it is no laughing matter, it is incredibly sad, and it is an excessively big clatter. This is a terrible thing in the world but were doing what we can do. I would really like to do something about this, but it is too big of a job. Some people out there only have an unsafe shelter. There is no heat, unstable walls, no food, there is glass on the ground, no bed, no roof, no bathroom, no building permit, wild animals in their shelters, no happiness, unpaid shelter they could get kicked out of, no entertainment, undrinkable water, their house is dirty, have less furniture that they need, broken sewer and there can be strangers in their shelter. I hope this does not go on for much longer, because this is unfair to them that they see fancy people eating on a patio, while they are eating off the street. I once saw a man holding a sign that meant that he was homeless and needed food. It is very unfair to these people. I feel bad for these people. I am worried that they are not going to survive. They know how to make fun memories. They cannot eat heathier foods. Everybody deserves a home and family.