Grade 5


My Home Is My Family

My Home Is My Family

My house has a roof on top of my head
It protects me from getting sick and stay comfy on my bed
My home gets me up on the speed that really rejuvenates
Oh now I feel so great

This place is where I love
A family member from above
When I go home I see a welcoming thing
I realize it’s my house and its quite outstanding

Each time I step inside, I knew it would be great
My house is amazing and amazing is my fate
My house keeps me warm and keeps me secure
My life is the best with my family I’m sure

My mom makes me warm in this sweet sweet house
My dad makes me safe and gives more energy in this powerhouse
My brother loves this home and so do I
It gives me comfort and my dreams fly to the sky

My heart is beating inside of my chest
Because my home is like my bullet proof vest
Family is my home and my home is my family
It always will and it will always be
My home is my family
And I love the way it is.