Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

My Home is My Family

Can you imagine a nice peaceful home with family and friends? A home with laughter? Or a dark spooky house with sadness? A house where no one’s around? When I think of my home I think of great memories and fun nights with family and friends. In this essay, I will be talking about what a home means to me.

The first thing home means to me is family. It means that to me because I live with my mom, sister and my dad at my home. Other people also have a home but just with their mom and their sister. There still are parts of their family at their home. My mom always makes me feel better when I’m sad which makes me feel comfortable and safe.

Home also means happiness. I’m happy when I’m with friends and family. If I’m at my home or theirs I always have fun.

Lastly I think home means safety. It means that to me firstly because you can lock your doors and windows. It also means that if you are getting bullied, when you go home you feel safe, meaning when you go home the bullies can’t follow you. If it’s on the internet you can go off your phone or device.

That’s why I think home means family, happiness and safety. What does home mean for you?