Grade 6


My Home Is My Comfort

Home is where I can be myself, freely and without judgment. Where there are the people I love most, where I grow step-by-step. It is a place where I feel love and support no matter what the circumstances. A home is never empty or lonely because everyone is there.

Many remarkable memories lie at home and will never be forgotten. Pictures, surrounding the interior of the house, are there so you won’t forget about those memories and so you can always look back upon them. A home isn’t a home without a family and love. A home is always an enjoyable place and a lively space too. Siblings and pets greet me at the door after a day of work at school. My siblings never fail to make me feel overjoyed and make me smile. Coming home to hear laughter or plenty of noise scattered around the house is the best.

There is food on the table whenever we eat, sometimes homemade that my mother prepares for me. There is a bed where we can sleep and a space where we can always go. Home is where we can feel at ease, and a place where tradition and culture is celebrated.

Even if the weather is windy, cold, and just not nice, my home is where I can feel safe, comfortable and warm. My home is very precious to me and I will always be grateful for a shelter in which I can live.