Grade 4


My Home is my Body

Did you know that my home has a door, and windows. Houses are important because you can live in them. My home is made from my body, my house and my community.
To begin, my body is my home. I like to eat salad and bananas. At 8 PM I go to sleep in my bed. I do push ups in the gym and 2 laps. My body is my home.
Another part of my home is my house. My house is old and made from bricks, windows, and doors. My brother, Leland, Jasline, Stanley, Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and me all live there. Sometimes Kookoo and Natalie live there too. My house feels AWESOME!!
Lastly, North Point Douglas is where we live. North Point Douglas is next to the Red River and it has a bridge. Trees in Point Douglas are sometimes big and sometimes small. Some of the trees have apples. I used to live in Point Douglas, but now I’m far away from the school and Point Douglas. But Point Douglas is still fun!
A home is made of a body, a house, and a community. A home is where you live and sleep. You need to take care of it and your family!