Grade 6


My Home Is Like My Heaven

My home when I say my home it makes me think of warm and cozy sofas . A friend to play have fun with and eat with . A mom who cares about me a dad who loves me siblings who are always ready to help me anytime . A home is not a building it is heaven where kindness love and peace starts from. In a home when you enter it the fresh smell of yummy food comes flying in your nose .At that moment all you wanna do is run to the living room in which your mom is distributing the food and your dad who sees you and says come join us and a mom who says ˝ Honey wash your hands and change in to your cloths and come join us !

A house is your territory Nobody could judge you about how You look what you are doing and so on . In your house u could do all that the flips and flops and rolling on the floor you want . There is No one to stop you from doing what you want in your home you are not suppose to act like guest you can do all You want rather than sitting and just working all day maybe make the work a little fun by doing some flips and flops !

Why does my home Mean heaven to me because it has all my needs loving people , yummy food and I could do all the flips and flops i want in it . And That’s Why My Home is Like my heaven !