Grade 5

Parry Sound

My Home Is Like My FAMILY

Your home is a safe place,

just like your room is a nice space.

You might be stuck in your house for a while,

but your home is basically love, in a pile.

You might be annoyed by being stuck in your house for this long year,

but your parents are trying to keep you safe by staying here.

You might not like your brother or your sister,

but you’re stuck with them for a while, sister or mister.

You should learn to get along,

maybe sing a friendly song.

Because your brother and sister are always there for you,

even if they don’t like you too.

I love my house,

Just like a hole for a mouse.

Home is a place to celebrate!

A nice place for dessert…can you relate?

Home is a place for you and your family to hang out,

But it’s also a place to try not to pout.

I know times are bad,

and it’s okay to be sad.

But that’s what homes are for,

and it’s to be with your family more.

Home is a place,

to just be safe.

With your family and friends,

maybe more; it depends.