Grade 4


My Home is in My heart in North Point Douglas

Did you know that my home is made from my family and me? My home is made in my community. My community is made in my heart. All homes are special. My home is special because my dad, my family, and me lives in there.
First of all my body is my home. My home is 0% hate and 10000000% kindness. For example, my family is nice to me and nice to each other. My heart is sooo big but mostly all for school and my dad and my BEST friend. For example I do my work (most times) at school and i’m sooo kind to my friends (but not mean people).
Lastly, my community is big. It has some of my friends and family in my community. For example, my home is a double house. I share a wall with my neighbour. My neighbour is my friend. My family likes to go to explore other communities. My community is very nice.
So that’s my home in North Point Douglas. I feel good there and it’s better than my other house. I love my new, big home!