Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home is Important

Our Old House
Our old house is where I had most of my birthdays. Our old house is the first place I ever lived in. My sister had her first birthday and the first taste of she ever had cake in our old house. Our old house is were my sister grew up. Our old place is where my sister had her first steps and words. Our old house is where my friends and I had our play dates. Our home is where we can go when you feel sad. Our home is where you go when you are scared. My home makes me feel good when I’m scared because I know that it is my home.

Moving to a New House.
Moving to a new house is hard. Saying goodbye to memories but knowing I will always remember them. Having to pack made me sad and having to move made me sad.

Our New House.
We got to our new home in 2018. New rooms. New neighbors. A new school. Making new friends. Waking up from sleep and seeing a new bedroom every day that needs getting used to, and the joy of making new memories.

Getting Used to the New House
I am getting used to my new bedroom, since I wake up in it everyday. I am happy to bring the old memories with me and I will always remember them forever. I will continue to make new memories, and I will keep them close to me. I am happy to live in a new home.