Grade 5

British Columbia

My home is everywhere


My home is Planet Earth. To me Planet Earth is nature, colours, animals, and people.

My home is North America. To me North America is Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and the Great Lakes.

My home is Canada. To me Canada is the oceans, forests, beautiful rainbows, and hockey.

My home is British Columbia. To me British Columbia is the first nations and their beautiful cultures, the parliament buildings, skiing in Whistler, and surfing in Tofino.

My home is Comox. To me Comox is my village, my friends, the North East Woods, Goose Spit, and my school.

My home is Highridge Drive. To me Highridge Drive is my cul-de-sac, my play area, my friends and my neighbours.

My home is my house. To me my house is my safe place, cozy furniture, my loving family, and my home.

My home is everywhere. My home is big and small. My home is filled with beauty.